Behind the scenes at development

Behind the scenes at development

At CarCollect, we work every day to develop and improve our own software platform, website and other tools - 100% Dutch made and built in-house. Software is not created just like that, it needs people who work day in and day out to build it. Our developers! But what does a developer actually do? And what do you, as a user of CarCollect, see or notice? We look at a day with our group of young and ambitious developers and get a glimpse behind the scenes.

"Every day a new puzzle to solve and a lot of variety in the work. No day is the same as a developer at CarCollect!"

- Sjoerd, Front-end developer at CarCollect

What does a developer do?

When we asked one of our developers this question, Sjoerd answered, "The work of a developer at CarCollect consists of writing new features for or alongside the platform. Besides keeping the current code up to date, you and your colleagues are always looking for improvements; how can the platform be even faster, smarter and more logical?"

What he likes most about his job? "Every day there is a new puzzle to solve and a lot of variety in the work. No day is the same as a developer at CarCollect!"


From loose component to coherent whole

Every day our developers work to build software that brings together supply and demand in the automotive market. Besides the input that our users provide for new developments, they also work out and implement creative ideas themselves.

Sjoerd explains it to us: "We make separate components on development, which we can put together to form one big whole. You can compare it to Lego. In the development department we make the Lego blocks. We use these separate blocks to build our castle, our trading platform. When customers want a new functionality, we create yet another new Lego brick."

Continuous process of building, improving and testing

Wout: "With our team we work according to the scrum method, starting new projects every two weeks. Each idea, bug or loose task is formed into a ticket, which forms one big task list. Based on priority, tickets are picked up in order. Each morning we do a short stand-up where we go over the day's tasks. At the end of a two-week sprint, all tickets are checked and transferred to the platform. This makes the development of our platform a continuous process and we develop step by step. During the preparation of a new sprint, we discuss in detail what tasks are there and we can learn from each other by asking questions."

Current projects

"We are in the final phase of developing CarCollect version 6.4. In this version the complete look and feel of our platform will change and a number of new functionalities will be added. In addition, we are also fully adapting the website to match the style of the platform. After this we will improve the back-end of the platform, which our end users will not be able to see, like for example CarCollect Machine Learning 2.0. The platform will be even faster, new functionalities will be added and there is more room to make new functionalities much more dynamic.", says Wout.


CarCollect Machine Learning 2.0, what is it?

We asked Wout about the new CarCollect Machine Learning 2.0. He explains it to us as follows: "Machine learning brings many benefits and makes the platform smarter, better and easier to use for customers. For example, when listing a vehicle, the customer can choose to use the smart upload module which, at the push of a button, analyzes all the photos and places them in the correct position. With the update to 2.0, our image classifier now works even more accurately, better and faster than the previous version. We will certainly continue to develop our CarCollect Machine Learning which is not limited to image placement but can support the entire CarCollect community."

Our developers have also developed several great and important features for previous versions. So, if you are using our CarCollect platform, you now know what influence our development colleagues have.

Want to become a developer at CarCollect?

If your thinking: I also want to become a developer at CarCollect! We are always looking for ambitious, driven and eager to learn new talents. Check out our vacancies and who knows, maybe there is something there for you!