Real-time dashboard

The most important management information clearly in one overview. Get direct insight into the performance of your organization through the dashboard.

Real-time dashboard

Management Information

Get direct insight into the performance of your organization with the dashboard of CarCollect. In a single overview you will immediately see all the important management information that can help your organization further. For example, you can see important KPIs and the turnaround times of your vehicles. In addition, you can easily access the complete vehicle offering per auction type from the dashboard.

Important KPIs

Key performance indicators (KPIs for short) are variables to analyze the performance of your business. In the CarCollect dashboard we have put together a number of key KPIs so you can immediately see what your results are. In addition, you can see other important management information, such as the number of vehicles in certain steps. This makes it easier to manage the right people in the right steps. Think for example of directing the financial department when a vehicle is in the invoicing step.

The advantages of selling on CarCollect
  • Bonus per successful sale

  • Large & active trading network

  • Easy online valuation

  • Innovative fulfilment process

  • Easily add your own contacts

General performance

Besides the KPIs, you can also find the general performance of your company in the dashboard. You can see all the steps in the remarketing process and immediately you can see in which steps which vehicles are located. You can also see how many vehicles you have bought and sold to date. You can also see on the dashboard which notifications are open, in your CarCollect inbox.