Create your own trading community

Creating your own trading community has never been easier. Add your own relationships or use the complete professional community of CarCollect.

Create your own trading community

Create your own community

Creating your own community has never been easier. Invite your own build-up relationships or use the inexhaustible network of automotive professionals of CarCollect. Because of the enormous diversity of companies and interests, finding a suitable buyer for your vehicle is a given. Set up your desired community by means of groups, this way your offer will be shown directly to the right companies! With the CarCollect community you have access to the full trading network of buyers as well as several external auction houses.

Add your own trading partners

In order to achieve the maximum trade results, we recommend that you do not detract from your own accumulated trading network, but rather add them to the CarCollect community. If you placed a vehicle on our trade platform, then simply invite your network to place a bid on it.

The advantages of selling on CarCollect
  • Bonus per successful sale

  • Large & active trading network

  • Easy online valuation

  • Innovative fulfilment process

  • Easily add your own contacts

Grouping trading partners

Besides adding individual trade relations to the CarCollect community, it is also possible to group trade relations. By creating a group for a specific purpose, you can easily invite the whole group to bid along when you have added a certain vehicle in the category. If you have different brands, for different branches, use 'groups' to write the appropriate group. Wondering how to add multiple branches? Then read our 'Manage your own organization' feature.

Exclude business relations

Within CarCollect you also have the option to exclude business relations from your vehicle offer. Do you prefer not to do business with direct competitors or have bad experiences with a fellow company? Then go to the block list within 'Your company' in CarCollect and exclude these relations. Your vehicles will not be visible to these companies.