Online Valuation

Get a realistic valuation for your vehicles from the market.

Online Valuation

Realistic valuation through closed auctions

The CarCollect community consists of more than 3000 professional and quality organizations. Due to the huge diversity of users, you will usually receive a large number of bids on your offered vehicles. Bids that, because the auction is in closed form, are always placed to value. In open auctions we often see up-bidding behavior, in closed auctions this is not the case. The height of the bids will fluctuate, but therefore gives a very realistic picture of the market value of the vehicle.

The advantages of selling on CarCollect
  • Bonus per successful sale

  • Large & active trading network

  • Easy online valuation

  • Innovative fulfilment process

  • Easily add your own contacts

Valuation by external partners

Besides getting a realistic picture of the market value of the vehicle by receiving bids, CarCollect also works with various organizations who provide indicative valuations for you. When you place your vehicles on our vehicle trade platform, you will immediately see an indicative market value, which is determined by one of our partners. If you want more or more extensive information, you can consult one of our external partners, who are fully integrated into our platform. This makes it even easier to give you a true valuation. Take a look in the CarCollect marketplace, to see our partners.

Vehicles online in one click

Did you know you can also let your own customers do their own valuation? For this we have invented a 'Online Appraisal Token' feature. So that you can easily let your customer valuate his or her vehicle.

When all information has been gathered and the vehicle has been approved by you, your online valuation can be reported complete. After complete reporting the vehicle is added to the CarCollect trading platform and you can receive bids!