Extensive and qualitative offer

Discover new trading opportunities with CarCollect's extensive & qualitative trading network.

Extensive and qualitative offer

The CarCollect community

More than 300 selling companies are part of the CarCollect community. Companies such as official dealer organizations, leasing, rental, car sharing companies and various car specialists. Because of the professionalism, quality and diversity of our users you can be sure that you will be offered a large and varied number of vehicles. As a result, the conversion rate is also high.

Large offer

Every day on average about 400 vehicles are added to the CarCollect trading platform. This ranges from new vehicles and used vehicles, to ex-lease vehicles and damaged vehicles. The supply is very diverse and therefore suitable for all types of companies, from large to small. Want to receive notifications when vehicles of your interest appear on the platform? Read our buyers blog how to set this up.

The advantages of buying on CarCollect
  • Unlimited bidding & buying
  • Extensive & qualitative offer
  • Clear vehicle information
  • Digital payment & processing
  • Buy directly from the supplier
Quality sellers and vehicles

The CarCollect community consists only of professional and qualitative parties. Every company that registers on CarCollect, buying or selling, is manually evaluated. This ensures that we have a large group of quality sellers connected to CarCollect. All parties place vehicles on the CarCollect platform according to fairness. When you are ready to bid, make sure you always pay close attention to the description and details of the vehicle. Small damages or defects should normally be described in the comment fields.

Good conversion

CarCollect is known for its unique success ratio on vehicles of 1 to 3. This means that there is always a good chance that when a good bid is made, the vehicle can be assigned to you. Always bid according to value, bids are always binding when placed.