Different auctions every day

It is possible to participate in both open, closed auctions, remarketing or you can buy directly through Buy-now. Which one suits you best?

Different auctions every day

Extensive trading opportunities

In order to offer maximum trade revenue, CarCollect allows you to participate in different types of auction types on our trade platform. For example, you have open and closed auctions, which you as a buyer can bid on. In addition, there are Buy-now auctions, which are based on a fixed vehicle price for which a vehicle can be bought directly.

Buy-now auction

The Buy-now auction on CarCollect is mostly used by universal car companies. Within this auction you have the possibility to buy the vehicle against a direct buy price from the supplier. So you have the possibility to buy the vehicle for the given price directly from the provider, but you can also make a bid for the vehicle. The offer often consists of vehicles that are immediately available.

The advantages of buying on CarCollect
  • Unlimited bidding & buying
  • Extensive & qualitative offer
  • Clear vehicle information
  • Digital payment & processing
  • Buy directly from the supplier
Closed auction (bid not visible)

The most common auction on CarCollect is the closed auction. The closed auction is mostly used by brand dealers and ex-leasing companies. On the closed auction, companies can offer their commercial vehicles, which you as a buyer can bid on according to value. The closed auction consists of two categories.

  • General

In the category 'General' you find vehicles, mainly from brand dealers, which still have to be traded in. Did you know that CarCollect has a 1 to 3 success rate? We are proud of that!

  • Remarketing

Within 'Remarketing' we offer ex-lease, damaged, ex-rental and repossessed vehicles. These vehicles are often immediately available.

CarCollect has chosen for closed auctions because everyone should have a fair chance. So always place a bid according to value for you. Curious about your bidding position? Use our bid coach feature. This tool gives you an indication how your bid compares to the others.