Large & active trading network

Discover new trading opportunities with CarCollect's large & active trading network.

Large & active trading network

The CarCollect community

The CarCollect community is growing every day. Companies such as official dealer organizations, leasing-, rental-, car sharing companies and various car specialists have joined CarCollect. The huge diversity of companies and the CarCollect algorithms ensure that we can always match a vehicle to the right buyer. This also ensures that the conversion rate on our platform is high, which we are also enormously proud of.

Large and active trading network

CarCollect puts more than 3,000 organizations in action daily. Due to the diversity of the community, there is also a wide demand for different types of vehicles. This ranges from new vehicles and used vehicles, to ex-lease vehicles and damaged vehicles. For you as a seller it is therefore very attractive to put your entire offer on CarCollect. In this way you always guarantee yourself a buyer for your vehicles and maximize your trade income.


The advantages of selling on CarCollect
  • Bonus per successful sale

  • Large & active trading network

  • Easy online valuation

  • Innovative fulfilment process

  • Easily add your own contacts

Good conversion

CarCollect is known for its unique success ratio on vehicles of 1 to 3. This means that there is always a good chance that when you place a vehicle, you will receive bids on it. Bids are always in value and will therefore ensure maximum trading results for your company.

Add your own contacts

Adding your own esteblished relationships to the CarCollect platform is very easy. You do not have to say goodbye to your own valuable relationships, when you want to work with CarCollect. In practice, we see that a combination, between your own relationships and the CarCollect community, ensures maximum trading results. In addition, you can easily invite them to one of your vehicles with a click of a button.