15 minutes bid

Integrate with one of our ’15 minutes bid’ partners and receive a bid on your car within just 15 minutes. The perfect feature when you would like to make offer on your customers’ car.

15 minutes bid


Your first bid in just 15 minutes

At Carcollect we work non stop for a bigger, more efficient and faster trading network. In order for you to optimize your trading process we collaborated with Seldenrijk.

As a result of this integration, you’ll get a first bid on your offered car within just 15 minutes. Therefore, you can offer your customer a price for their car directly.

What does this integration cost?

As a selling party on CarCollect you can activate the ’15 minutes bid’ integration for free.

Sidenote: the ’15 minutes bid’ integration can only be used by selling parties in CarCollect Trade. Besides that, you can only choose one company to start this integration with.

Using the 15 minutes bid integration

In order to receive a bid within just 15 minutes you need to request access to this service to our Customer Success Professionals. If they approve your request you can start using this service.

Our partners

Currently for selling parties we have an collaboration only with Seldenrijk.