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At CarCollect we understand the incredible value of word-of-mouth. That's why we've created an Affiliate Program that celebrates and rewards your role as an ambassador. By connecting new sellers and buyers to our trading community, you're not just contributing to our growth—you're enhancing your own rewards. Built on the 'tell a friend' principle, our program is designed for simplicity and mutual benefit. Join us in expanding our community, one referral at a time.

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Introducing our lucrative Affiliate Program

Joining our Affiliate Program empowers you to turn your insights and experiences with CarCollect into opportunities—not just for you, but for every new connection you bring into out network.

Imagine every conversation in your automotive circle not just as a chat, but as a chance to create mutual success. As you introduce new members to CarCollect, you're not only unlocking a stream of passive income for yourself but also opening doors for them to achieve unparalleled trading outcomes.

It's a win-win-win: you benefit, they excel, and together, we strengthen the trading community.

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How the Affiliate Program works

Affiliate - Become affiliate
Become an affiliate

Create a CarCollect account.
Already using CarCollect? The affiliate program is activated automatically.

Affiliate - Promote CarCollect
Promote CarCollect

Use your network or our marketing tools to invite new sellers, buyers or partners to CarCollect

Affiliate - Get Paid
Get paid

Earn a 5% commission from the total first-year revenue generated by each new qualifying customer you successfully introduce to CarCollect.

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What’s in it for you?

With every new buyer or seller you bring to CarCollect, you earn a 5% share of the revenue we make from each of your referrals in the year following their signup.

The more you refer, the more you earn—a clear, lucrative benefit for expanding the community.

Partnering with CarCollect pays

Why become an affiliate?

Unlimited commissions

As an affiliate, you earn a generous 5% of the revenue generated from your referrals during their initial year at CarCollect. There's no limit to the number of customers you can refer, giving you unlimited earning potential.

No cookies 🍪, all tokens

Our Affiliate Program distinguishes itself by being token-based. This approach dodges challenges related to third-party cookies being blocked and provides a more accurate and reliable tracking system. No more worries about losing credit for your referrals, even if users switch devices or delete their cookies. We've got your back, ensuring fairness and smooth operations.

Available marketing resources

We understand the value of effective marketing, which is why we provide several marketing resources, matching the CarCollect brand. From a brochure to a brand movie, you'll have the tools needed to promote CarCollect effectively and drive your affiliate success.

Continuous support & development

We are committed to your success as an affiliate partner. That's why we offer ongoing support and continuously invest in the development of our platform. With our dedication to improvement, you can be confident in the long-term potential of our affiliate program.

FAQ about our Affiliate Program

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions to provide you with quick answers to common inquiries. If you can’t find the information you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. Our team is always happy to assist you!

How does the affiliate program work?
  1. Become an Affiliate: Start by creating a CarCollect account. If you already have one, you're in luck—our affiliate program activates automatically for all members.

  2. Promote CarCollect: Utilize your network to introduce new sellers, buyers, or partners to CarCollect.

  3. Get Paid: For each new qualifying customer you bring to CarCollect, you'll earn a 5% commission on the total revenue they generate in their first year with us.

How much commission can I earn as an affiliate?

Your earnings depend on the new community members you introduce. As an affiliate, you'll receive a 5% commission on the total revenue generated by each new qualifying customer in their first year. There's no cap on the number of customers you can refer, so your earning potential is unlimited.

Is there a minimum requirement for joining the affiliate program?

The only requirement is that you are an active CarCollect user (:

How does CarCollect determine whether new referrals are eligible?

New referrals are considered eligible once the referred company, or any parent or subsidiary holdings, do not already have an active account on CarCollect.

What happens if my referred company merges with or is acquired by another company in the first year?

Should your referral undergo a merger or acquisition within the first year, we will continue to monitor the revenue generated by the originally referred entity. This ensures that your commission is accurately calculated and paid based on this specific portion of the business.

How often does CarCollect pay out affiliate commissions?

CarCollect issues commission payments following the completion of the first full year from the date a new referral joins.

Let's partner up! 🤝

Become a CarCollect user and automatically become an affiliate. The only thing you have to do is actively invite interesting new customers to the platform via an affiliate link.