CarCollect Transport

Transporting your purchased vehicles is easily done through our CarCollect transport service.

CarCollect Transport

Easy and fast transport

You can arrange the transport of vehicles easily and quickly via the action button within the CarCollect trade platform. For a fair amount, the vehicle is delivered to the location within 5-7* working days by one of our partners. For vans and damaged vehicles an additional charge applies. In some cases the vehicle is automatically scheduled for transport, this is determined by the seller. If this is the case, it will already be clear when you enter your bid. Of course you are also free to pick up the vehicle yourself, unless otherwise indicated.

Transport via CarCollect

Congratulations! You have been assigned a vehicle after your bid was accepted. When you pay for the vehicle, you can have it transported. CarCollect works together with several transport companies that can take care of the transport for you against a sharp rate. When you want to use this service, click on the (blue) action button at the vehicle and click on "plan transport". You will now enter the transport environment of our partners. Follow the steps and easily plan the transport. Within 5-7* working days the vehicle will be at your location.

The advantages of buying on CarCollect
  • Unlimited bidding & buying
  • Extensive & qualitative offer
  • Clear vehicle information
  • Digital payment & processing
  • Buy directly from the supplier
Arrange your own transport

Besides our transport service you are of course always free to arrange your own transport. If you choose to do so, go to the (blue) action button of the relevant vehicle and click on "vehicle transported". When you select this option, the vehicle will automatically be closed and you can close the file for yourself.

Automatic transport

CarCollect has a number of selling companies that arrange transport automatically. When this is the case you will be informed about this during the bidding process. When you are assigned a vehicle and have paid, the selling party will automatically have the vehicles transported to your chosen location.

*) please note that this is an indication, lead time is entirely dependent on availability and route