CarCollect Export

Instant insight into all the important management information of your business with CarCollect export.

CarCollect Export

Management information for your company

With CarCollect Export, you get a comprehensive overview with all important management information of your organization. Here you can find information about all operations within CarCollect. Think of the number of vehicles and the vehicle information you have uploaded. But also the number of bids, including the height of the bids, can be found here. In addition, you can easily see how many vehicles have completed the entire process and which vehicles have not. All this provides very valuable business information that you can use for management purposes.

Vehicle information

When you use CarCollect Export, you get an overview of all vehicles that you have uploaded so far to CarCollect. Information you'll find herein includes:

  • Information about the vehicles
  • Damages
  • Trade Values
  • Bids
  • Different dates

Bid information

With CarCollect Export you can get insight into the number of bids per vehicle and the height of these. You can easily see the highest bid on a vehicle and thus get an immediate picture of the performance of your vehicles. The number of bids placed on your vehicles also provides a good picture of this performance. When you combine the vehicle data with the bid data, you can get good management information and take action.

The advantages of selling on CarCollect
  • Bonus per successful sale

  • Large & active trading network

  • Easy online valuation

  • Innovative fulfilment process

  • Easily add your own contacts

How does the CarCollect export work?

If you want to make use of CarCollect Export, then go to the CarCollect Hub. You do this by looking in the menu in the left bar for the icon with different balls. Here you will find the export function, where you can download the overview. You do not have access to CarCollect Export yet? Please contact one of our colleagues via the chat at the bottom right or send an e-mail to We will be happy to help you!