CarCollect Sustainability

In a world where the automotive industry causes a lot of pollution, we as a tech company believe that it’s important to have a strong commitment to the environment. That’s why we have established the ‘CarCollect Sustainability’ program. As an independent part of this program, we have started a collaboration with ecommit to offset CO₂ emissions. Ecommit brings us closer to our goal: a world with no net CO₂ emissions from vehicles.

CarCollect ✕ ecommit

The collaboration with ecommit is used to make our business processes and the daily activities of each team member sustainable. We emit CO₂ in both ways. For example, as a company, we use electricity and gas, but we also individually travel across the country to visit our customers. Through ecommit, we take responsibility and contribute to a greener planet.

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How do we compensate for CO₂ emissions?

At CarCollect, we take several measures to compensate CO₂ emissions. For instance, we annually purchase CO₂ certificates from ecommit. The number of certificates compensates for emissions that are based on the amount of CO₂ released during the storage of terabytes of data. Additionally, we compensate CO₂ for staff. The number of certificates is based on the amount of CO₂ emissions per person. We estimate an annual emission of 3.6 tons of CO₂ per person for office staff and 6.52 tons of CO₂ per person for field staff.

These figures are standards used to compensate for CO₂ emissions. Both components allow for additional business operations.

What is ecommit?

Ecommit provides solutions for companies that want to purchase CO₂ certificates on the voluntary market. What sets ecommit apart is their extensive research into sustainability projects. This allows us to contribute to reliable sustainability projects with a green and confident heart. In fact, ecommit buys large packages of CO₂ and distributes them in smaller portions to companies that voluntarily want to contribute to sustainability.

How they use the money?

Ecommit uses the money we spend on purchasing CO₂ certificates through their platform to buy new CO₂ certificates from verified and reliable sustainability projects. In our case, we buy CO₂ certificates from ecommit that come from the Scolel'te project in Mexico.

The Scolel'te Project

The Scolel'te Project started over 25 years ago, providing fair opportunities to local farmers in the Chipas region of southern Mexico. The sale of CO₂ certificates from Scolel'te's various sustainability projects largely funds healthcare, clothing, and education for at-risk groups and impoverished farming communities. Ecommit has purchased CO₂ certificates from Scolel'te. Scolel'te demonstrates how positive climate effects through ecologically responsible, carbon-negative practices can have a positive impact on global carbon emissions, biodiversity, and marginalized communities.

The Scolelte Project