CarCollect bid coach

Wondering how your bid stands against the rest, use the CarCollect bid coach and get an indication.

CarCollect bid coach

Bid coach helps you with bidding

To give you an idea of how your bid stands in comparison to the other bids during an vehicle auction, you have the option to consult the bid coach. The bid coach can be activated once per vehicle. After that you can no longer bid on that specific vehicle. When you use the bid coach the grey dot in front of your bid will turn green, orange or red. If you move your mouse over the dot within our trade platform, you will get an explanation of the bid coach.

The advantages of buying on CarCollect
  • Unlimited bidding & buying
  • Extensive & qualitative offer
  • Clear vehicle information
  • Digital payment & processing
  • Buy directly from the supplier
How does the bid coach work?

The bid coach is a tool that you can use once per vehicle. When you activate the bid coach you cannot bid again on that specific vehicle. If you don't use the bid coach, you have the option to bid again if you think your bid is not high enough. When you place a bid using the bid coach, you can see what position your bid is in by the color of the dot.

What do the bid coach colors mean?

When you are not using the bidding coach, the dot in front of your bid will always be grey. When you use the bid coach the color of the dot will change to green, orange or red. Here's what the colors mean:

Green; Your bid is in the top 3 bids. This gives you a good chance of winning the auction.

Orange; The bid you placed falls outside the top 3 and is in spot 4, 5 or 6.

Red; If the dot is red, it means that your bid is in spot 7 or lower.