Dusseldorp BMW  CarCollect

In 2019 Dusseldorp started using CarCollect. In this video, community member Anjo Damming explains how he uses CarCollect at Dusseldorp and what the benefits are for him and his organization.

English video subtitels transcript:

I'm Anjo Damming, I work at it Dusseldorp BMW and I was brought in to shape and sharpen our occasion market,
and in particular the 'strange' brand which is not MINI or BMW, to put that on the trade.
The old method was that we received 5 trade bids within fifteen minutes, and we have now chosen to purely only to use CarCollect,
to drive back the traffic of other car dealers in our showrooms and make it much more insightful for other branches.
We initially used CarCollect to receive trade bids on mainly 'strange' brand and we finally decided to determine ourselfs what those cars are worth. So we no longer ask traders for bids on cars that we still have to trade in, we now determine the value of the cars ourselfs.
As soon as we traded in the car we will offer it for auction in CarCollect. So we use CarCollect only to sell.

The advantage of working with CarCollect for us is the speed that got into it, we can get a car online very quickly with pictures, all documentation, mileage, etcetera.
And there are a lot of big companies, and also small companies, that are making serious bids on the auctions.

We chose CarCollect because it's a user friendly system we can also add the cars very quickly,  effectively and in a easy way. This saves a lot of time for our sales colleagues so they can do other things.

I think CarCollect is interesting for others too, partly because of the good buyers, and also because of the benevolence to adapt IT-technically to the wishes of the community.
so I think that can also be very interesting for others.