Official CarCollect partner

Seldenrijk offers reasonable bids on your offered vehicles within 15 minutes. If you connect this integration to your CarCollect account, you can immediately start using their service. The professionals at Seldenrijk are always happy to place a realistic bid on the cars you offer. They are always looking to expand their network of reliable relations.


About Seldenrijk

Seldenrijk is our partner and, not to forget, a truly specialized party when it comes to buying and selling used cars. With approximately 14.500m² of car experience, over 50 employees and a stock of more than 500 vehicles Seldenrijk focusses on the used cars market. Besides that, Seldenrijk has an experienced team of car buyers. They investigate the Dutch market for the best vehicles possible daily.

As a result of the collaboration with Seldenrijk you’ll be able to receive lightspeed fast offers on all your cars from Monday to Friday between 09:00 – 17:00. Therefore, you’ll receive a first offer on your car within just 15 minutes.

Sidenote: the 15 minute bid feature in CarCollect Trade can only be used by selling parties.

In order to use the collaboration with Seldenrijk, you as a selling party must make a request to CarCollect. One of our Customer Success Professionals will check the request. If all conditions are met, you can make unlimited use of this integration.

Using this service is free. However, there is one condition that must be fulfilled. A certain amount of the offered cars should be awarded to Seldenrijk. Seldenrijk strives for a conversion rate between 10% - 14%.