Official CarCollect partner

With UnameIT's innovative SAM tool, you can fetch vehicle files from your CarCollect environment in just one click. It's perfect for quickly adding trade-in vehicles to quotes or agreements. Save up to 15 minutes per order and streamline your trading process with the efficiency of SAM.


About SAM

Since 1996, UnameIT has been known in the automotive industry as a dynamic provider of software solutions. As the pioneer behind the SAM CRM system, they offer robust support for sales and aftersales processes, relationship management, and sales administration, all while providing essential management information.

SAM, our versatile sales and CRM system, simplifies the entire car sales journey. It empowers sales teams to quickly generate quotes and effectively manage customer relationships, from test drives to delivery. Thanks to convenient workflows, everything runs more smoothly, freeing up your team to focus on what truly matters.

What makes SAM truly unique is its effortless integration with CarCollect. Instantly import vehicle data into quotes, enhancing accuracy and saving time. For management, SAM provides in-depth reports on customer contacts, quotes, and orders, offering insights into goals and bonus structures.

The efficiency gains with SAM are particularly noticeable in larger organizations, potentially saving up to 15 minutes per order.

Want to integrate SAM into your CarCollect environment? Make sure you're subscribed to SAM, request activation, and connect. Experience the power of this smart collaboration yourself!