Official CarCollect partner

Macadam provides detailed vehicle inspections and condition information. By integrating this service with your CarCollect account, you gain immediate access to their expertise. Their reports will be available in the Inspection Manager within our platform. They reports can be used to create a listing on CarCollect right away. 

About Macadam

Macadam, a trusted partner for many in off-lease vehicle inspections, is fully integrated with CarCollect. Their expert evaluations are a game-changer, ensuring every vehicle you trade is inspected with precision.

With this integration, you tap into a network of professional inspectors, all through the convenience of your CarCollect interface. This integration isn't just about getting inspections done; it’s about creating complete and truthful listings. You do this by creating a listing directly out of the inspection report in our Inspection manager.

Activating Macadam in your CarCollect is straightforward, request activation and our Customer Success Professionals will review your request. After your request is accepted, you can use Macadam's integration at no extra charges. You only pay for the inspections you need. 

If you have any questions or need assistance, our Customer Success Professionals are happy to help!