Official CarCollect partner

Indicata, a renowned name in the automotive intelligence market, offers you real-time market data insights of vehicles on CarCollect. Their data helps you to make decisions for your own stock mix. Data from Indicata varies from maximum buying price to turnover speeds and selling prices. 

About Indicata

Indicata specializes in delivering real-time data and analytics. They are committed to providing accurate and comprehensive market insights. Including supply and demand dynamics, pricing trends, and much more. Their expertise plays a key role in guiding businesses in the automotive industry towards strategic decision making.

The integration with Indicata gives CarCollect users the chance to increase their revenue by providing constant access to their data. This means you can request data on all vehicles you see on CarCollect. Indicata displays all data within our platform.

To get access to the benefits of Indicata within your CarCollect environment, a package is needed. Prices are based on the type of subscription with Indicata. Once you use Indicata you can request activation by clicking the request activation button. 

Do you have any questions about this integration? Check the FAQ below or contact our Customer Success Professionals.


Can I use Indicata for data on every type of vehicle?

Yes, Indicata offers data for all kinds of vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, trucks and much more.

What should I do if I encounter technical issues with the Indicata integration?

If you encounter technical issues with the Indicata integration, it's best to reach out to our Customer Success Professionals for assistance. They are equipped to handle any issues related to the integration.

How reliable is the data from Indicata?

All data collected and provided by Indicata, are gathered from different sources. Generally, the data is considered to be very reliable by its users.