eRzeczoznawcy offers the Autonet integration to the CarCollect community. Upload vehicle appraisal and inspection documents directly into your CarCollect environment. Easily plan a technical state assessment, residual value forecast, or market value estimate. You can view the document they create on their Autonet platform.

About eRzeczoznawcy

eRzeczoznawcy has been a reliable partner for inspections and appraisals in Poland for years. With a professional team of over 160 inspectors, they provide detailed documents about the condition of your vehicles.

Through the collaboration with eRzeczoznawcy, you can easily retrieve and upload documents from Autonet into your CarCollect environment. This makes your trading process more efficient and provides more information about your vehicles, helping you maximize your returns.

To use this integration, you must be a user of Autonet, the free platform from eRzeczoznawcy, where you only pay for the services you plan. Click the activation button, and we'll make the connection for you. Once approved, you can immediately benefit from this integration.

Have questions about this integration? Contact our Customer Success Professionals.