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Plongez dans l'univers des succès B2B de CarCollect et découvrez comment nous aidons nos partenaires commerciaux à améliorer leurs processus d'entreprise, à accroître leurs échanges et à atteindre leurs objectifs. Faites connaissance avec les visages et les entrepreneurs qui constituent notre communauté commerciale et inspirez-vous de leurs histoires de réussite. 🚗✨

Roosmalen - testimonial - thumbnail  4-3

Van Roosmalen ✕ CarCollect

Van Roosmalen - official Volvo dealer - successfully transitioned to CarCollect after a trial period. Discover how their strategy led to a 30% conversion rate.
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Hommel - thumbnail 43

Auto Hommel ✕ CarCollect

Discover how CarCollect transformed Auto Hommel's business! Patrick Hommel shares how CarCollect helped them grow, acquire quality vehicles, and expand their network. Watch the testimonial to learn more about their...
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Meerschman - thumbnail 43

Meerschman ✕ CarCollect

Join Meerschman, your official BMW dealer in Aalst, Ninove, and Zottegem, now part of our innovative CarCollect community. Explore trade-in opportunities and enjoy a seamless digital experience. Your next business...
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Auto Sturm - announcement - thumbnail 4-3

Auto Sturm ✕ CarCollect

Discover how Auto Sturm has changed its remarketing process by adopting CarCollect. As an official dealer for Nissan, Hyundai, and Mitsubishi, Auto Sturm now offers its trade-in vehicles to a broader community,...
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Vallei Autogroep - announcement - thumbnail 4-3

Vallei Auto Groep ✕ CarCollect

Vallei Auto Groep joins the CarCollect community. This official Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT and Škoda dealer now offers their trade-in vehicles on CarCollect.
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Nieuwenhuijse Faces Of out Community

Nieuwenhuijse Group Faces of our Community

Step into the world of Volvo Nieuwenhuijse Group with Frank Moormann and Willem Schotpoort, where selling cars is more than a transaction—it's a unique experience.
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LEASEHERDER faces of our community

LEASEHERDER Faces of our Community

Explore Stephan den Herder's entrepreneurial journey with LEASEHERDER. From his Zeeland roots to innovative auto leasing, discover his unique business story.

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Toyota Louwman Financial Services

Toyota Louwman Financial Services ✕ CarCollect

Meet TLFS, a leading lease company and part of Toyota and Louwman, revolutionizing mobility through seamless process and data integration. Discover their growth-driven approach on CarCollect.
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Ekris Intro

Ekris ✕ CarCollect

Ekris, a prominent BMW, Mini, and Motorrad dealer, joins CarCollect to enhance their used car market offerings. Project Manager Ramon Bolk shares insights into their integrated trading approach.
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Motorrad Dusseldorp BMW intro- thumbnail  43

Dusseldorp BMW Motorrad ✕ CarCollect

Dive into CarCollect's diverse range of vehicles, now featuring a captivating collection of motorbikes from Dusseldorp BMW Motorrad, Alkmaar. This significant addition showcases a fusion of classic elegance and modern...
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Seldenrijk Testimonial

Seldenrijk ✕ CarCollect

Join André Sturm of Seldenrijk in Harderwijk for an inside look at their dynamic use of CarCollect. From quick bids to showroom-ready cars, discover how they optimize their business.
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Van de Velde autos testimonial

Van de Velde ✕ CarCollect

Discover Van de Velde Cars' transformative experience with CarCollect. See how Arno van de Velde's trial period led to enhanced trading solutions and a committed partnership.
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LEASEHERDER testimonial- thumbnail  43


Meet Stephan den Herder of LEASEHERDER, innovating in car leasing and sales. Discover how CarCollect powers their unique services and boosts customer savings.
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Nieuwenhuijse testimonial- thumbnail  43

Nieuwenhuijse Group ✕ CarCollect

Discover Nieuwenhuijse's journey with CarCollect, where Frank Moormann and Willem Schotpoort share insights on integrating the platform into their trade process for optimal results.
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Dusseldorp testimonial

Dusseldorp BMW & MINI ✕ CarCollect

Discover how Dusseldorp BMW enhances its trade-in process with CarCollect. Anjo Damming shares insights on efficient, digital trading of non-BMW cars. Streamline your business with us.
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