What does an internship at CarCollect look like?

What does an internship at CarCollect look like?

Hi! My name is Railey and I study HBO Commercial Economics at Avans Hogeschool in Breda. I am currently in the last year of my bachelor's degree and I am doing my internship at CarCollect. In a period of 20 weeks, my thesis will consist of researching the satisfaction and loyalty of the customers of CarCollect.

How did I end up at CarCollect?

It was actually purely coincidental that I ended up at CarCollect. Due to last minute circumstances at the former internship company, the internship was canceled there. After this I put all hands on deck by posting a post for help on LinkedIn. This post stated that I was urgently looking for an internship, asking the question if someone could help me.

Very soon after, I was approached by Lale, People and New Talent Professional. She asked me if I wanted to come for an interview to discuss the possibilities. I had never heard of CarCollect before, but after some research, I came to the conclusion that this is a very interesting, innovative and growing company. After a very nice conversation with Lale, I was soon offered an internship. I immediately took this opportunity, because I had a very good feeling about the company, mostly of the fast communication and the openness of the employees.

Blog-railey-04What is it like to do an internship at CarCollect?

I'm doing my internship at CarCollect for 5 weeks now. I was quite nervous but very excited for my first day, because a new challenge awaited me. Once I arrived, I was received very warmly and openly by everyone. I think me and CarCollect matched right away. Everyone who works there is open and the atmosphere is very informal. I was helped from all sides and everyone is open to answer questions and to help me. The first week I also got the nickname ''Johnny Bravo'' because they think I look like him. I found this very funny and I can certainly appreciate it. This made me feel like part of the team right away.

For the first few weeks I spent time on the Customer Success, Business and Marketing departments to see how these departments functioned individually and collectively. This is very instructive because in this way I was able to see how the dynamics are within the company. In addition, I was able to interview several colleagues for my research and I was able to work in the various departments. Within CarCollect I get a lot of freedom to do what I like and to grow through personal learning goals. In addition, I also receive a nice monthly fee. All in all, I'm really enjoying myself and I'm in the right place at CarCollect.


How is my research going so far?

In order to shape the plan of approach for my research, I held discussions with several colleagues from which the problem definition and objective became clear. In addition, I was able to learn my way around in the platform's test environment to better understand how the platform works. The first two weeks I was allowed to watch the Customer Success department. I saw how they deal with questions from customers and how they process this in the system. After this I was allowed to work with the Business department for two weeks. Here I learned how to upload cars on the platform and I went to visit a couple of customers to introduce the platform. I'm currently spending two weeks working with the Marketing department, where I'm working on creating content for the website, Instagram and TikTok.

Are you curious about what a day in the life of a CarCollect Trainee looks like? Then watch this video on TikTok!


What will happen in the future?

In the future I will further work on the research for my thesis. In addition, I will cooperate with the various departments to get an even better picture of what is going on within CarCollect. I hope that my research will yield good results that CarCollect can implement for optimizing certain aspects within the company. After my bachelors degree I would like to continue working at CarCollect, so it is definitely recommended to do an internship at this company.

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